Pick A Choice: Chris Gethard nails us for lack of Danny DeVito expertise

When Chris Gethard comes to town, you’d better know your basic Danny DeVito facts, or the host of The Chris Gethard Show (and frequent Broad City guest star) will call you out. That’s what we learned while taping the latest episode of Pick A Choice, The A.V. Club‘s craziest, most exciting, and only celebrity game show. For those who are new to the program, here are the rules: In each round, our guest draws two cards from a deck filled with famous names (both real and fictional) and one card from a deck of scenarios. Then it’s time for our guest to decide who they’d rather pick in the given scenario: For instance, would Nell Carter or Deanna Troi be a better choice to defend you against a murder charge? At least, those are the rules we start out with, before the proceedings go …

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