Permanent Records: With We Are The Romans, Botch helped redefine hardcore

Permanent Records is an ongoing closer look at the records that matter most.

“The point of Botch was, as Tim always put it, ‘Keep it in a weird time signature so when they’re banging their heads they’re banging ’em on the wrong beat.’” Which is all to say that guitarist Dave Knudson (now of Minus The Bear fame) and the man he’s quoting, drummer Tim Latona—along with vocalist Dave Verellen and bassist Brian Cook—knew exactly on which side Botch’s bread was buttered. The band’s 1999 opus We Are The Romans is a commandment of math-influenced hardcore that actively worked against the grain of the Revelation and Victory catalogs upon which it was built. The breakdowns come via sneak attacks through back alleys as opposed to via tank-led blitzes through open front doors. The riffs are elastic and oblique, much more resembling a Pollock …

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