Oral History: We got it all on UHF: An oral history of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s cult classic

“Weird Al” Yankovic has always been as much video as radio star, as familiar a face during the heyday of MTV as the many stars he was parodying. So naturally, it seems like it would be an easy transition to movie stardom—yet history simply hasn’t borne that out. While Yankovic has headlined his own TV shows, appeared in dozens of other people’s films, and crafted a showreel of comedy that would make scores of actors jealous—not to mention picking up millions of album sales and Grammys in along the way—he’s been the focus of exactly one movie: 1989’s UHF, a legendary box-office flop that was seemingly enough to keep him from trying again, even as it became a massive cult favorite.

Yankovic wrote UHF with his longtime manager Jay Levey, who also directed, and their personal stamp ensured that their film was “Weird …

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