Oral History: Night After Night to @midnight: An oral history of Comedy Central, part 2

Previously in our oral history of Comedy Central: Comedy kingdoms united, South Park rose, and The Daily Show spoke truth to power. In this installment: Dave Chappelle conquers the world (then abdicates his throne), a visit from the Reno Sheriff’s Department, Stephen Colbert introduces the world to “truthiness,” the Workaholics break out of the internet and Key & Peele break the internet.

2003 was an indelible turning point in Comedy Central’s history. The Daily Show and South Park sparked national conversation and earned critical praise. The Man Show and Crank Yankers drew young male audiences, while Insomniac With Dave Attell and Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn offered comedy geeks insight into professional comedians’ lifestyles and creative processes.

Premium Blend and Comedy Central Presents continued providing the network with branded, largely evergreen, relatively cheap stand-up content. Performers too untested for HBO or edgy for late-night talk scored legit TV …

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