On The Level: How a bizarre bomb-defusing game hides an object lesson in handling any crisis

On The Level examines one small part of a larger video game.

Paranoia is a perfidious foe. The truth is, it sticks because it’s rooted in our terrible knowledge that danger really is everywhere. The person behind you on the Macy’s escalator might actually be a murderer. That candy apple might actually have a razor blade in it. You don’t know. Prove it doesn’t! Paranoia may eat you up inside, but it is an effective ally if you want to be wary, to be prepared.

Suzuki Bakuhatsu, a long-lost deep cut from Enix that came out only in Japan on the original PlayStation, is a game about the secret dangers lurking in the world’s mundane objects and sights. It’s a paranoiac’s nightmare, but it’s also a lesson in how to keep paranoia at bay. No matter where or when you encounter exploding …

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