Newswire: Zoe Kravitz and Tessa Thompson are up for a mystery role in the Han Solo movie

We love a good run of speculation here at The A.V. Club, whether it’s teasing out the plot details from enigmatic movie trailers, or attempting to weave a series of Game Of Thrones casting notices scraped off the floor of the internet into a workable tapestry of ideas. So it’s actually a little disappointing to hear that the producers of the upcoming Han Solo standalone film are seeking an actress for a “mysterious lead role” opposite Alden Ehrenreich‘s iconic scoundrel, because it really feels like a freebie at this point.

After all, Marvel’s Star Wars comics—which are presumably still canon, unless there’s been another purge we haven’t heard about—just got done introducing Sana Solo/Sana Starros, Han’s former partner-in-crime and possible wife. (The two apparently got married as part of some sort of heist, which seems like exactly the sort …

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