Newswire: Zen Pinball 2 is getting a Bob’s Burgers table

For years, the Zen Pinball series has been the preeminent pinball platform thanks to its wide array of retro table recreations, modern geek-friendly designs (Star Wars and Marvel), and the fact that it’s available—in one form or another—on every game-playing device that currently exists. These days, thanks to its popularity, Zen Pinball has become like a barometer for determining how cool something is. Sure, Star Wars and Marvel were cool before, but after getting virtual pinball tables, they became extra cool.

Now, Zen Pinball 2 has granted its stamp of coolness to something that we’ve all suspected was cool for a few years: Bob’s Burgers. The show will be getting its own virtual table as part of the game’s “Balls Of Glory” DLC pack at some point before the end of the year and, unsurprisingly, it looks pretty rad. The whole thing is done …

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