Newswire: Zac Efron’s Dirty Grandpa jock strap is now on sale

Bringing to mind the apocryphal tale of Ernest Hemingway’s shortest story ever—“For sale: grown actor’s jock strap, worn a lot”—a new prop auction has opened up, allowing Dirty Grandpa superfans to take their picks of the movie’s memorabilia. The most notable item on the auction is a “stunt” jock-strap, shaped like a stuffed hornet, which Zac Efron’s character ends up wearing after his Dirty Grandpa (Robert De Niro) drugs him, leading to a night of partying and bingeing. We made inquiries to the auction site in question, in order to clarify what “stunt” meant in this context:

(Admittedly, we deleted the final line of this e-mail before sending.)

According to the L.A. manager of Prop Store, the company holding the auction, it’s “very possible that this was indeed used by Zac on set,” but that, thanks to the way props are built …

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