Newswire: YouTube star PewDiePie made $7 million in 2014

We’ve known for some time now that YouTube stars have far more sway among tomorrow’s adults than your dumb little J-Laws and Chris Pratts. They’ll soon have more sway among Wall Streeters, too: Endgadget reports that PewDiePie, a YouTube star who records his reactions to playing video games for a living, made about $7.4 million in revenue last year. So, let’s all take a moment and congratulate ourselves on all the years of hard work we’ve put into our careers, because PewDiePie took a nap today, played some Arkham Knight, and likely raked in more from that than we will all year.

PewDiePie, who in real life (or “pointless life” as it’s increasingly known) is a Swedish 25 year old named Felix Kjellberg, would be much easier to hate if he didn’t seem like a relatively innocuous person. (Although he does refer …

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