Newswire: You’re The Worst returns with an hour-long premiere in September

The FXX comedy You’re The Worst manages to pack a lot of depravity into the average 22-minute episode: Excessive day-drinking, explicit cuckolding scenarios, one character’s relationship with a “financial dominatrix,” mouse-euthanasia-by-car-exhaust, artificial-insemination-by-turkey-baster, skin-crawlingly accurate representations of a friend’s improv performance, and a season-premiere sex scene that pushed the boundaries of basic-cable nudity standards, to name but a few. Wrapped around all that are some uncommonly nuanced depictions of clinical depression, PTSD, and modern romance, but to a certain segment of the population, this is always going to be the “Sunday Funday” show. Either way, just imagine what kind of stuff Jimmy, Gretchen, Edgar, Lindsay, Vernon, Paul, Becca, and poor, neglected Killian could get up to with twice as much time on their hands—which is exactly what will happen when You’re The Worst returns for its fourth season on Wednesday, September 6 at 10 p.m …

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