Newswire: Your complete, incriminating Google search history is now available in one handy document

Reefer-addled paranoiacs rejoice: Just in time for 4/20 comes a report from Google Operating System, an unofficial Google blog, noting that Google has activated a feature that downloads your entire search history, including all the times you’ve searched for weed. That’s right, unless you’ve toggled the privacy settings on your account, the almighty Google keeps a record, tied to your identity, of every web search query you’ve sent to the service. It’s an all-encompassing list that definitely has entries for the times you’ve sought out links related to “how many pot brownies should i eat,” “how long does thc stay in your system,” or, say, for instance, “what happens if i dropped weed in a 55-gallon drum of lube.”

The terrifying master list of your every Internet whim has existed on Google’s servers for a long time. The recent change is that …

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