Newswire: You know you’re going to buy this The Fog action figure

There have been plenty of obnoxious, unnecessary, and useless action figures released over the years. Faker was simply a He-Man toy painted blue, the meat that Rocky beat up on was not an accessory, but sold as a separate figure, and Star Wars is notorious for marketing characters seen on screen for seconds (or not at all, in the case of Constable Zuvio). The man behind action-figure website Death By Toys may have gone too far, though: He’s created an action figure of the most famous piece of weather committed to the silver screen this side of Kansas, “some fog” from John Carpenter’s The Fog.

Honestly, they probably could have simply gone with an empty box (it worked for Lucas in ’77). But rather than sell a box that claims to have a complex atmospheric phenomenon inside, collectors will receive what appears to be fake spider web left …

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