Newswire: You could be on a Marvel TV show, assuming you meet these very specific criteria

This fall, Marvel’s Inhumans will be coming to IMAX screens, followed by your TV set/laptop/phone/inevitable Apple wrist implant microchip. Earlier this month, we reported on details of the Hawaiian production facility where the series will be filmed, along with the working title, Project Next, seemingly designed to elicit the same level of excitement as updates to the federal tax code. But the real evidence that filming is nigh comes from a new casting call, meaning you could soon find yourself appearing on a Marvel superhero show—so long as you meet the extremely narrow criteria in the following description put out by the show’s production team.

It’s not that unusual for sci-fi TV shows wanting extras that appear to be aliens to send out casting calls looking for very tall, short, buff, scrawny, and any other significant deviation from some network executive’s idea …

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