Newswire: You can watch the first episode of Jim Gaffigan’s new show early and for free

Jim Gaffigan, famous comedian and Hot Pocket aficionado, has had a bit of rough time getting his sitcom, The Jim Gaffigan Show, on the air. It was developed for CBS in 2012, with a pilot shot in 2013 that wasn’t picked up. Gaffigan went back to the drawing board, found a new actress to play his wife (How I Met Your Mother’s Ashley Williams) and re-shot the pilot. Then, TV Land picked up the show in a weird deal that allows Comedy Central to air repeats of the new episodes a week after they air on TV Land, opening The Jim Gaffigan Show up for people who—for whatever reason—are opposed to TV Land.

That’s all in the past now, and The Jim Gaffigan Show is set to premiere on July 15. However, if you don’t want to wait that long, there may be a …

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