Newswire: You can download the new Foo Fighters EP, Saint Cecilia, for free

It’s been quite the year for Foo Fighters, but more specifically, for Dave Grohl. After suffering a nasty broken leg that seemed to bode ill for the band’s big world tour, the group made arena-rock lemonade out of injury lemons with a ridiculous rock ‘n’ roll throne Grohl designed while high on painkillers. It brought a renewed energy to the tour, with the group delivering some of the best shows of its career. The conclusion of their travels sparked a desire to document this era, and Foo Fighters have released a new EP, Saint Cecilia, which is available to download or stream for free on the band’s website.

On first listen, it sounds pretty good, like a tighter, more streamlined version of Sonic Highways with less silly lyrics. (Although that’s likely just a bonus effect of not seeing them splashed across the screen during the last …

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