Newswire: You Blew It! tackles punk elitism on “Punker Than Thou”

It’s no secret: For all their grandiose goals, punks can be awfully petty. Even as terms like “sellout” and “poser” approach obsolescence, that “holier than thou” mentality remains, something Orlando’s You Blew It! know a thing or two about. The A.V. Club is premiering “Punker Than Thou,” the band’s contribution to Singles Club’s latest 7-inch release. (Singles Club is a “subscription-based record club and music journal” published quarterly and specializing in exclusive 7-inch releases.) It’s a punchy track that sees vocalist Tanner Jones critiquing the people who exist only to hold bands to an arbitrary set of rules. When Jones offers, “You have nothing to say,” it’s a way of turning the tables on those who are only ever interested in pointing fingers and calling names. The B-side to “Punker Than Thou” features an interview with the band, and pre-orders for the record …

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