Newswire: Yet another study shows that playing football will almost certainly give you brain disease

The NFL’s brain injury crisis might not always make for compelling Will Smith movies, but it can still make for a pretty fascinating read. Take, for instance, this article, “111 NFL Brains,” which ran in The New York Times today, illustrating that, out of 111 brains taken from former NFL players, 110 were shown to have symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease linked to receiving repeated blows to the head.

Symptoms of C.T.E.—which can only be officially diagnosed after the patient has died—include memory loss, dementia, and lack of emotional control, and can often exhibit themselves years after the traumas originally took place. By all accounts, a great place to receive said traumas is pretty much anywhere on a pro football field; C.T.E. lesions were seen in the brains of almost all of the former players examined, regardless of position, from …

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