Newswire: Year Of Glad lets loose in its cathartic new song, “Smoke Whips”

Last year Philadelphia’s Year Of Glad released its debut EP, which saw a handful of folks from other Philly acts banding together for something altogether new. On July 15 Lame-O Records will release its follow-up, I Don’t Know Where I Am Either, which sees the band offering up three new tracks along with a cover of Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy.” Today, The A.V. Club is premiering “Smoke Whips,” a track that shows Year Of Glad isn’t ditching its old sound but is finding new ways to keep things fresh. The track’s hook is based around the interplay between Chris Diehm and Mimi Gallagher, who have such different vocal ranges that when they come crashing together in the chorus, with the repeated cry of “Let it go,” it feels totally cathartic.

Pre-orders for I Don’t Know Where I Am Either are available now, with all …

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