Newswire: Yahoo is holding a contest for Community binge-watchers

Surely someone who reads The A.V. Club would claim to be the world’s biggest Community fan, and now Yahoo is giving that person (or any person, really) a chance to put their money where their mouth is by competing in what’s being dubbed “a binge-watch contest.” Rather than judging how good people are at binge-watching, though, the contest will actually be based on how well Community fans know the show’s sixth season—the only one on Yahoo, appropriately. To do this, Yahoo is teaming up with The Princeton Review—yes, the actual Princeton Review that helps people get into actual college—which will be administering a Community exam at a number of locations all around the United States this weekend and at (a website that doesn’t exist yet). We imagine the point is that you will binge-watch season six of Community in order …

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