Newswire: Xbox moves boldly into the future by offering broadcast TV on its console

Microsoft has spent billions convincing people that its Xbox One system can be the ultimate all-in-one home entertainment console. It offers Netflix, Sling TV, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and a deluge of other ways to watch streaming content. But can it sit back in its La-Z-Boy, unwrap a Werther’s Original, and watch NCIS as it airs on CBS? That was a treat reserved solely for those with traditional broadcast television access—until now. Variety reports that the company has launched an “over-the-air digital TV tuner and antenna function” that will allow users to watch broadcast TV via the Xbox One.

These new-millennium equivalents of rabbit ears—or Hauppauge Digital TV Tuners, as they’re being called—are available for purchase starting today. The tuner is sold in a bundle with a Mohu DTV antenna for $100, or separately for $59.99. And, in case all the kids out there …

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