Newswire: X-Men artist in trouble after sneaking in controversial political references

At their best, Marvel’s X-Men comics have been reliable sources for not-so-subtle metaphors about accepting people for who they are and for embracing the things that make you different or special, but the artist on the first issue of the new X-Men Gold series is now in trouble for sneaking in some political references that are a lot more controversial than usual. The artist is named Ardian Syaf, and explaining what he did requires a bit of backstory into an ongoing political conflict in Indonesia. As io9 explains, a group of conservative Islamists in Jakarta are pushing against the region’s governor, Basuki Purnama Tjahaja, because he’s a Christian. The critics are members of a group called the Islamic Defenders Front (which has been accused of committing vigilante violence), and they believe that Indonesia should not have political leaders who aren’t Muslim.

(Image: X-Men Gold, Ardian Syaf …

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