Newswire: Wyatt Cenac to star in alien abduction comedy from The Office’s Greg Daniels

Back in May, we reported on a number of new shows that TBS was picking up as part of its new commitment to being both “awesomely in-your-face” and “effortlessly diverse.” One of those shows was The Group, a new comedy from Greg Daniels of The Office, Parks And Rec, and King Of The Hill, centering on a series of alien abductions in the appropriately named small town of Beacon. Now, the cast list for the show has been announced, with stand-up comedian and former Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac topping the bill as a reporter investigating the incidents.

Cenac will play Wyatt Jones, a “serious journalist” drawn into investigating the mystery of the abductions, as well as, presumably, the one of why he shares a first name with a popular Brooklyn-based comedian. He’ll be joined by Alice Wetterlund from Silicon Valley, whose character is described as “a goofy attractive …

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