Newswire: Wyatt Cenac says Jon Stewart told him to “fuck off” over concerns about Herman Cain impression

Jon Stewart is well on his way to canonization as the saint of smart, satirical TV news. (The Daily Show just released another of their weekly tributes to the outgoing host, introduced by New York Senator Chuck Schumer.) But even saints can explode, as related in this week’s episode of WTF With Marc Maron, in which former Daily Show writer and correspondent Wyatt Cenac discussed the events that lead to his departure from the show.

The center of the discussion—during which Cenac talked about his struggles with his family and career, and the life-saving effects of being hired by the show—hinged on an impression of African-American presidential candidate Herman Cain that Stewart deployed in 2011, which Cenac said made him “cringe” when he heard it. (Cenac was working on a field piece when the segment containing the impression made its way through the writers’ room.) When Fox …

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