Newswire: WWE wrestler Edge will play Atom Smasher on The Flash

As reported by, WWE Wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland will be appearing on The Flash next season as Al Rothstein, a character better known as Atom Smasher. The CW’s official description says that he’s “one of the most powerful enemies” who will show up this season, and he’s apparently planning to kill The Flash. (That hardly makes him unique among villains, though.) In the comics, Atom Smasher is—fittingly—a huge guy dressed kind of like a wrestler, and in addition to being really good at smashing stuff, he can also make his body grow really big. Interestingly, the comic book version of Atom-Smasher has almost always been a good guy, and an earlier episode of The Flash listed “Al Rothstein” as one of the victims of the particle accelerator explosion that gave The Flash his powers, so it sounds like there’s something suspicious happening …

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