Newswire: Woody Harrelson recruits Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson for the first “live movie”

Woody Harrelson has announced his intentions to make what he’s calling “the first live movie,” a feature-length, multi-location film that’ll be streamed directly into theaters, as it shoots, on January 19. Harrelson revealed the idea via a trailer released today, noting that it’s never been tried before, because “no one’s ever been that stupid.”

The actor is calling the project Lost In London, and basing it off an autobiographical incident from 2002, in which a broken ashtray in a London-area taxi ended with him being chased by police and eventually arrested. As he mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the project, “At the time, in real life, it was completely unfunny. But then later I thought about it later and I said, ‘There’s comedy in this.’”

Harrelson—whose latest traditional film, Wilson, premieres at Sundance just three days later—says he’ll be …

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