Newswire: Woody Allen says he’s too “lazy” and “middle class” to make good movies

For decades, movie-goers have begged to learn more about Woody Allen, Hollywood’s most enigmatic filmmaker. In theaters across the world, they’ll ask questions like, “Why does he act like that?” Or, “Is he acting like that on purpose?” Or even “He’s not in this movie, why is that guy acting just like him?” Finally, though, an interview with NPR (via The Independent) is giving us a little glimpse into the mind of the mysterious man who once thought it’d be a good idea to marry the adopted daughter of a woman he had been dating for 12 years. (Not to mention, you know, this whole thing.)

In the interview, Allen drops the bombshell that he can’t make “great films” because he’s “lazy,” “an imperfectionist,” and “middle class.” He says that making movies is not the “end-all be-all” of his life (though he does say …

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