Newswire: Woody Allen is making a TV series for Amazon

Newly legitimized by Golden Globe wins for Transparent and its star Jeffrey Tambor, Amazon Studios is responding to criticisms that its series tend to lean on the “privileged white people” side by hiring Woody Allen. Details about the as-yet-untitled project are still scarce—all we know right now is that each episode will be a half hour long, and that the series will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the U.S., U.K., and Germany some time next year. That’s probably about all Amazon knows at this point as well, considering all Allen has to do is walk into a production company office and say “Hi, I’m Woody Allen” before executives start printing up contracts. (He doesn’t even have to show up in person, honestly.) This will be Allen’s first original TV (streaming, whatever) series; he wrote a sitcom pilot, The Laughmakers …

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