Newswire: Wonder Woman will officiate a same-sex wedding in an upcoming comic

DC Comics isn’t a big fan of its superheroes getting married, but apparently it has no problem with its superheroes helping other people get married. As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald (via The Advocate), Australian illustrator Jason Badowerhe wrote and drew an upcoming issue of the publisher’s Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman that will feature her officiating a same-sex wedding. Clark Kent is also in attendance, and afterwards he comments to Wonder Woman that he didn’t know she supported same-sex marriage. (He’s from Kansas, he’ll get with the times eventually.) This prompts Wonder Woman to respond, “Clark, my country is all women. To us, it’s not ‘gay’ marriage. It’s just marriage.” Yeah, Clark. Seriously.

But, once again, there’s a but. In a twist that would be surprising if it hadn’t already happened two times before, this nice story about equality …

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