Newswire: Women will direct every episode of Jessica Jones season two

Marvel’s Jessica Jones pulled down praise last year for, among other things, presenting a rare female-focused look at the superhero world. That eye on representation was on display behind the cameras, too, with the series doubling the industry average for number of episodes directed by a woman. Of course, since the industry average is, basically, terrible when it comes to matters of gender equality, that still means only four of the show’s 13 outings were helmed by women.

That’s changing next season, though, with showrunner Melissa Rosenberg announcing that every single episode of the show’s second season—tentatively expected in 2018—will be directed by a woman. Rosenberg made the announcement at the Transform Hollywood symposium; she’s the second showrunner to set such a mandate in recent months, with Ava DuVernay’s OWN show Queen Sugar adopting a similar policy earlier this year.

Marvel has …

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