Newswire: Wolverine 3 gets a new title and somber poster

Wolverine 3 shall henceforth be known as Logan. Star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold revealed the title, along with a similarly stripped-down poster, on social media today. Said advertisement—which, per Hugh Jackman’s Twitter account, now adorns a building in New York—features the character’s paw being grasped by a considerably smaller hand. Set photos, which emerged over the summer, featured a young girl, eliciting speculation that she was playing Wolverine clone Laura Kinney. No word on that front, but the image does scream, “passing the mantle.” It also, as some have pointed out, mimics the Schindler’s List poster. Whether that’s purposeful or not, it’s not like the X-Men movies haven’t dealt with the Holocaust before.

Others have wondered whether the film will tackle the comics’ “Old Man Logan” storyline based on photos of Jackman looking a little rough. The new name would …

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