Newswire: Winter Break comes out of hibernation with the video for “4:49”

Though Winter Break is technically a new band, having only released one song from its upcoming debut album, it’s seasoned in a way few young acts rarely are. Functioning under the name Summer Vacation for five years, when one of its members left the band (quite appropriately) last summer, the three remaining remembers decided to continue on under a self-referential new moniker. On May 19 the band’s self-titled debut will be co-released by Asian Man Records and Lauren Records, with pre-orders for the album launching right now through the labels’ respective sites. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “4:49,” a track that indulges Winter Break’s softer side while retaining its acerbic bite, showing exactly why Joyce Manor would freely admit it wouldn’t exist without Summer Vacation’s influence.

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