Newswire: Win a limited-edition vinyl copy of The Hateful Eight soundtrack

Ennio Morricone was recently nominated for an Oscar for his work on The Hateful Eight, a well-deserved accolade for a legendary composer whose style has become synonymous with the spaghetti Western genre. A vinyl pressing of the Hateful Eight soundtrack was released by Jack White’s Third Man Records—and quickly sold out—late last year. But now film soundtrack freaks, analog fetishists, and anyone who likes to pretend they’re engaged in a tense standoff while they’re washing the dishes have another chance to get a copy of Morricone’s excellent score on wax.

The Verve Music Group is releasing a deluxe double-LP collectors’ edition of The Hateful Eight soundtrack, including the score as conducted by Morricone and performed live at Abbey Road, as well as snippets of dialogue from the film and pop tracks from The White Stripes and Roy Orbison. The A.V. Club is giving …

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