Newswire: Willow Smith releases surprise album with love song to Adventure Time’s Marceline

There’s nothing new about 15-year-olds drawing pictures of or writing songs about their favorite TV characters. It’s a little less common, though, for the teens in question to then release those songs as part of a massive, self-produced album that gets covered by a ton of major music outlets. But then, most teens aren’t Willow Smith, self-avowed Radiohead fan (and also, you know, daughter to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.)

After a couple of weeks of teasing on Twitter, Smith—who’s been releasing her own music via Soundcloud for years, from her home in “Your Imagination, United States”—has dropped her new album, Ardipithecus, onto an apparently waiting world. The title is a reference to the evolution of man, and is accompanied by cover art depicting various naked stages of evolution, complete with lithe, zombie-looking figures that wouldn’t be out of place in the notebook …

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