Newswire: Willie Nelson wants to be your weed dealer

In news that could very possibly link Willie Nelson to weed in the public consciousness, The Daily Beast reports that the beloved country singer and sentient pot cloud is preparing to launch his own brand of marijuana—available wherever fine marijuana is sold, without the hassle of the law or going to Trent’s house. Willie’s Reserve could be available to buy as early as next year, joining Bob Marley Naturals and Snoop Dogg’s Master Kush in the growing line of official, celebrity-endorsed pot strains from the most obvious of celebrity potheads. And like celebrity beer and wine before it, it represents a burgeoning new realm of ways for stars to make money from you getting fucked up.

In addition to releasing the signature Willie’s Reserve strain, presumably cultivated from clippings of Willie himself, the plan involves establishing storefronts that will sell it, alongside strains from other …

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