Newswire: William Shatner rides cross-country on a steampunk tricycle, invites you along

According to The Telegraph, nothing would make William Shatner happier than to traverse America in a spooky-looking tricycle. In partnership with custom bike makers American Wrench, Shatner is helping to design the “Rivet,” a three-wheeler motorcycle, then ride it from Chicago to LA. The Rivet—which The Telegraph notes “has a steampunk edge to it”—purportedly takes its aesthetic cues from the B-17 bomber, but to the untrained eye, it might look like Batman’s recliner. In a promotional video documenting the collaboration, Shatner says he likes the design, but then suggests that a canopy, second seat, flamethrowers, and a wheelie-bar be added.

While it’s not clear what prompted this unique alliance, Shatner definitely feels qualified to direct the development of the Rivet, because he saw a beautiful airplane wing once—or something. For its part, American Wrench presumably is just doing whatever the hell Captain James Kirk orders …

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