Newswire: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart to have lip-sync battle on post-Super Bowl Tonight Show

Say what you will about Jimmy Fallon, but he has proven to be a dedicated supporter of the oft-ridiculed art of lip-syncing. And yes, it is an art. Do you think Milli Vanilli got that Grammy without deserving it? Anyway, Jimmy Fallon loves having the guests on his Tonight Show dance around and pretend to sing songs for his amusement—almost as much as we love writing about it the next day—and he’s even giving his Lip Sync Battles their own spinoff. Nothing can beat the original, though, and Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Fallon plans to pull out all the lip-syncing stops for his post-Super Bowl Tonight Show by getting professional funny people Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart to compete against each other. Fallon’s show will be held at the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix for the night, and he’ll also be joined by musical guest …

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