Newswire: WikiLeaks has posted 170,000 emails from the Sony hack, and Sony is pissed

Late last year, a mysterious group that may or may not have been working for the North Koreans hacked into Sony’s internal computer network and stole a bunch of private emails and copies of unreleased movies. Supposedly, this attack was meant to dissuade Sony from releasing The Interview, and it said it wouldn’t, but then did anyway. Everybody got wrapped up in this big patriotic fervor for a while, and, in retrospect, it was pretty weird.

Now WikiLeaks is allowing all of us to re-experience the thrill of the Sony hack by publishing more than 170,000 emails and 30,000 documents obtained by the hackers last year. None of these files are new, they’re just now being hosted at a place that won’t take them down when Sony sends some angry letters. But WikiLeaks has added a search function to the files that will allow …

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