Newswire: Wife of director behind Trump-inspired Julius Caesar production receives death threats

Earlier this month, a Donald Trump-inspired production of Julius Caesar from New York’s Shakespeare In The Park program became annoyingly controversial when Fox News hosts noticed that the modern-reimagining of William Shakespeare’s play involved making Caesar himself look a bit like Donald Trump. Since the show involves Caesar getting stabbed to death, they—and a lot of other stupid Trump supporters—took this as an apparent endorsement of assassinating the president.

Of course, anyone with a basic understanding of Julius Caesar should recognize that the play is definitely not an endorsement of the assassination, but that didn’t stop multiple conservative snowflakes from rushing the stage and calling the actors Nazis. It also didn’t stop multiple longtime advertisers from cutting ties with New York’s Public Theater, which produces Shakespeare In The Park, even though one of those same advertisers was totally cool with a Julius Caesar …

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