Newswire: Whoa, the new Puppet Master movie is casting people we’ve actually heard of

As fans of marionette-based murder are well aware, we’re now 12 movies deep on the Puppet Master series, the long-running B-movie franchise that started with a direct-to-video installment in 1989, and has since descended into an endless succession of demonic sequels and Nazi-fighting prequels that still somehow managed to scare us pretty badly when we were kids. (The leech-spitting lady puppet probably didn’t help.) Due in part to their typically abysmal budget (and the fact that the knife-wielding murder puppets are the real stars of the show), you don’t usually think of things like “actors I’ve heard of before” when it comes to the cast of a Puppet Master movie; this is a franchise where Corey Feldman—from 2004’s crossover Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys—is a big-name get.

So it’s kind of crazy to see Variety report on the casting of the 13th …

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