Newswire: Who wants to drop $3,500 on a melted Darth Vader helmet?

As part of our ongoing efforts to explore the world of weird pop culture memorabilia—Eminem’s old building supplies, for example, or a stuffed bee that was attached to Zac Efron’s crotch—we’re always looking for the next pricey-but-priceless artifact to add to our collective mantle. And when you’re on the prowl for a really killer conversation starter among the cultural elite, what could be better verbal fuel than, “I spent $3,500 on a prop replica of Darth Vader’s melted head from Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens?

Disney is teaming up with custom item manufacturers Propshop—the company that made all the props for The Force Awakens, not the web site for model boat propeller enthusiasts—for the Ultimate Studio Edition replicas of several props from the hit film. Interested consumers can pick up facsimiles of Rey’s lightsaber hilt, Finn’s …

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