Newswire: White House officials will no longer appear on CNN because it doesn’t promote Trump agenda

Though last night’s Daily Show glitch had folks worrying that the new administration was throwing wrenches into our infotainment works, it turned out to be just a technical issue. But the news that the White House is effectively ending an ongoing dialogue with CNN is real, and pretty disturbing. A White House spokesperson tells Politico that, going forward, their colleagues—including Press Secretary Sean Spicer and senior counselor Kellyanne Conway—won’t be finding their way to the cable news show very much. “We’re sending surrogates to places where we think it makes sense to promote our agenda,” the White House official said while acknowledging that CNN isn’t one of those places.

We’ve already seen a decline in Trump spokespeople appearances on CNN’s programs; the last such gathering was on Jake Tapper’s State Of The Union, when Conway steered clear of giving lucid statements …

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