Newswire: White House officially condemns Johnny Depp as “sad”

Hastening his retreat to the mole underworld, Johnny Depp joked yesterday about killing Donald Trump, the sort of irreverent jest made by a Hollywood celebrity that is, along with Kathy Griffin and Shakespeare In The Park, currently the source of all the hate in the world. “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” Depp asked during an appearance at the Glastonbury festival, making a glib allusion to John Wilkes Booth that even Depp immediately realized would end up splattered across news stories like this one (“It’s gonna be in the press; it’ll be horrible”).

But while Depp could have predicted the backlash from conservatives who condemn all famous people advocating violence against America’s leaders except for Ted Nugent, he probably didn’t expect to receive an official condemnation from the White House. But such is the stupid world we live in now, where Trump …

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