Newswire: White House newsletter accidentally promotes article mocking Trump’s new budget

See, this is how you get fake news. Earlier today, the White House put out its usual “1600 Daily” newsletter, updating Trump-watchers everywhere about what he’ll be up to today, and sharing various articles praising the administration and its programs. Unfortunately, whoever assembled today’s newsletter was apparently only in a skimming mood, because the first entry on today’s news report was a vicious takedown of Trump’s proposed budget by Washington Post writer Alexandra Petri, facetiously titled “Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why.”

And while we can see the appeal of that headline—sitting all pretty next to “The Washington Post”—for someone whose job is to come up with nice news stories about the administration, every single day, a quick click would have revealed that Petri was less interested in praising Trump and company, and more …

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