Newswire: Whataburger adds beef to Drake-Meek Mill feud

Making for the tastiest beef in hip-hop history, rapper Meek Mill is currently embroiled in a burgeoning feud with Whataburger, the fast-food chain celebrated throughout the South for its dexterous lyrics and honey-butter chicken biscuits. It began, as every important war does, on Twitter, where Whataburger came to the defense of fellow soft-serve purveyor Drake over “Wanna Know,” a diss track Mill recently released in response to two diss tracks from Drake, which Drake released in response to several diss tweets from Mill, which Mill made in response to ineffable disses Drake made in the general direction of Mill, which were forged by the roiling discontent of a universe vexed by mankind’s petty machinations within its indifferent void. Said machinations now include a rapper being mocked by a burger restaurant.

Like the oft-touted 36,864 possible ways to order a Whataburger, the myriad layers of the Drake-Meek Mill-Whataburger War …

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