Newswire: Westworld sends killer robots to recruit a bunch more actors

HBO is known for its prestige dramas, the sheen of critical acclaim burnishing the artistic output of its sundry productions. So, naturally, it’s adapting a Michael Crichton movie about a theme park overtaken by killer cowboy robots. Since the pilot was ordered to series last fall, actor Miranda Otto has hopped on her horse and ridden off into the sunset, “the sunset” here meaning “a guest arc on season five of Homeland.” Thus, Westworld has sent its robotic killers out to round up a replacement for Otto, picking up a bevy of additional actors in the process. Deadline reports that, in addition to a trio of new actors, HBO has cast Borgen star Sidse Babbett Knudsen in Otto’s former role.

Knudsen is taking over the character of Theresa Cullen, operations head of Westworld, who will clearly be doing a great job given the story revolves around everything going …

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