Newswire: Westeros just got Instagram, celebrates with Game Of Thrones season 6 photos

Season six of Game Of Thrones is just a little more than two months away. And with the premiere date creeping ever closer like an army of undead warriors determined to subjugate the kingdoms of men to its icy will, HBO had to give fans something more than a bloody nose, flags, and some white contacts, lest they get distracted and pledge their fealty to Cinemax instead.

It did so today in the form of 20 new first-look photos, none of which feature you know who. But they do feature most of our heroes—as much as anyone on Game Of Thrones could be called a “hero”—looking as damp, cold, and miserable as ever. (Or hot, sweaty, and miserable, if you’re in Meereen.) There does seem to have been one significant change since we last saw them, however: Namely, the introduction of Instagram filters to the Seven Kingdoms …

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