Newswire: We’re hopping in the sack with Amazon, just in time for Prime Day

Hello readers. People ask us semi-frequently (really!) how they can support the site, and we usually just say, “Keep reading!” (And thanks!) As you probably already know, The A.V. Club (along with our sister publications) is primarily supported by advertising. Another way for sites to support themselves is via affiliate programs, in which they (we) point you toward a particular retailer, which then pays us a percentage of what you spend there. We’ve dabbled with various affiliates in the past, and today you’ll start seeing some links on the site to Amazon, which will theoretically point you toward potential purchases related to what you’re already seeing on the site. Any time you click through to Amazon from a link at the AVC, that’s good for us. If you ignore it, that’s fine, too, and hopefully you don’t find the new buttons too intrusive …

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