Newswire: Well, the Batman V. Superman trailer leaked already

On Wednesday, director Zack Snyder teased what he referred to as a Batman V. Superman teaser screening event, set to take place next Monday at select IMAX theaters, with “limited space” necessitating an RSVP. It was a typically modern showman’s move, meant to create a sense of anticipation for the anticipation surrounding a movie, and an aura of exclusivity about what is, after all, a commercial. Naturally, the teaser immediately leaked online. Oh well.

The version that made its way to YouTube yesterday is murky, shot on a mobile device and featuring Portugese subtitles. But even amid the dank, the overwhelming sense of despair is unmistakably a DC Comics film. Here’s a mirrored version that will likely get yanked as well, before Warner Bros. finally gives up and releases an official version of the thing everyone’s already seen and discussed anyway.

Possibly owing to his smashing up …

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