Newswire: Welcome to the karaoke future, where hologram Rob Thomas rules all

We all laughed when the holograms arrived. We joked about Coachella’s Tupac. We smirked at hologram Elvis. We even made jokes when they unleashed a 40-foot-tall holographic Mary J. Blige, despite the fact that she was nearly seven times larger than Mary J. Blige Prime. And now, we see where all our holo-goofs have gotten us: The end of the road, where hologram Rob Thomas is king.

Paste is reporting that the former Matchbox 20 frontman is offering a “holographic karaoke” experience to fans who purchase a VIP package to his latest tour. These computer-loving Quislings will be given a chance to perform with an actual fake holo-Rob, although it’s not clear exactly how the interaction will go down. According to Paste, “the ‘hologram karaoke fan experience’ first lets fans select one of three songs by Thomas. A hologram of the fan then appears on stage next to …

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