Newswire: Weekend Box Office: The only real loser was misogyny

Here’s the good news for people who love movies but hate women: Fury Road, that awesome extended car chase you’re pointlessly boycotting, ended up eating the dust of a different sequel. The bad news? That sequel was also about ladies kicking ass, albeit in a less violent arena. Also, it was written and directed by women. Tough weekend to be a misogynist who keeps up on box-office results.

Yes, the fourth Mad Max film fell to the second Pitch Perfect film, finishing in second place with $44 million. To be fair, that’s perfectly solid for an R-rated entry in a series that’s been dormant for three decades; globally, the film has already made back its $100 million budget (marketing costs not included). But for those who want to see more action movies with practical effects, more blockbusters with self-contained stories, and more visionaries like George Miller …

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